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Event description
Unleash your technical knowledge and assert your intellectual skills as you take up the Civigyan consisting of two rounds:
Event description
Are you a person who has an ardent desire to design not just in paper but in CAD? Then wait no more! Pave way for your designing creativity and your AutoCAD ingenuity to reach its next level as you participate in this technical AutoCAD event. The Participants, team of 2 will be given a specified area(with conditions) and the participants will have to come up with an economical plan to move the panel of judges. The top 3 contestants to awestruck the judges after zealous competition will be bestowed with exciting prizes.
Event description
In this ever-expanding concrete jungle with countless structures, buildings, monuments and breath-taking bridges, getting the right design mix is a skill that pays the bill. Moments 19’ gives you an opportunity to put your mortar making skills to test in our event “Mortar master”. Participants will be given the required strength and specifications and will be expected to intricately balance their theoretical and practical knowledge to come up with a mortar that fulfils the criteria. Designing on paper may sound easy but in actual field, the working conditions are more challenging. Use this perfect platform to flex your skills and win exciting cash prizes. Fix and mix until the right design clicks.
Event Description
Paper presentation presents an ideal platform for those civil enthusiasts who wish to present their creative and innovative ideas and gain recognition. Submissions are taken from both structural as well as non structural categories. Participants as a teams of three will have to send an e-paper according to the theme given. After the evaluation of the submissions, nine shortlisted teams will get to present their paper in front a distinguished panel of judges. Prizes will be given to the top three contenders in both structural and non structural categories.
Event description
A challenge like none other, this event is designed to test the surveying skills of the contestants on field. Consisting of two levels, the first level will be a technical quiz round where the participants are tested on their proficiency in surveying and aptitude. Six promising candidates will be shortlisted and they will move on to level two where they have to survey a plot of land with the instruments. Knowledge on usage of surveying instruments is a prerequisite.
Event description
Let the doors to creativity and innovation open as each of the teams (with a maximum of 3 contestants) will be provided with materials as simple as ice-cream sticks and threads to design a truss which withstands the assigned target load. The top three teams exhibiting ingenuity along with incorporating a deep sense of technical knowledge shall be awarded.
Event description
Come join us in this wobbling online quiz and have an intriguing chance to win a free workshop as we kickstart this year's edition of Moments. Tech marathon event is conducted prior to MOMENTS, where all you have to do is answer easy questions in time and walk away with a free workshop (with free accommodation!). Link for the online quiz will be send to the mail/whatsapp of the registered candidates on oct 15th. The link will be active from 8:30 PM to 9:00 PM. Groovy goodies awaits for the top 10 contestants! Quick grab this opportunity and register NOW!