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Semi Lightweight Concrete
Dr. J. Karthikeyan
Associate Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
NIT Trichy
Are you a civil enthusiast who is fascinated by the towering buildings and breathtaking monuments around you ?Ever thought about how to construct better fire proof buildings with less deadweight on the structure? Fret not. Moments 19' brings you an exclusive workshop on Semi lightweight wood Ash aggregate concrete. You will start with the fundamentals of semi-lightweight concrete and its material aspects and your learning curve keeps going up as you get to know about how to make a proper mix design with it.
Department of Civil Engineering
NIT Trichy
Take a break from the normal classes and dive deep into the profound subject of Geotechnical Instrumentation, where Failure Analysis of Geotechnical Structures will be taught by the amusingly witty Dr. K. Muthukumaran. Gear up and grab your tickets to this stimulating workshop where he discusses in-depth details of Field monitoring for foundation settlements and construction qualities of foundation coupled with the field performance based on GeoTechnical Instrumentation.
Assistant Professor,
Department of Civil Engineering
NIT Trichy
Design of pavements has been based only on experience and judgment in the past. But now, the design methodology has taken rapid strides towards rationality in the past few decades based on an understanding of the stresses and strains in the layers constituting the pavement. Application of the concept of reliability in achieving the desired level of service during the pavement’s design life has also contributed in making durable and long-lasting pavements
Department of Civil Engineering
NIT Trichy
In the present scenario, the ever increasing demand of modern buildings results in need of more column space, tall structures, ductile and faster construction time. Structures built with RCC do not provide such features and lack the ability to last for hundreds of years. Structural steel structures are becoming popular due to their superior ductile strength, load bearing capacity and sleek structural members.
Dr. Premalatha
Professor & HOD, Civil engineering
CARE group of institutions
Ever wondered how engineers are able to design structures,be it steel, timber, concrete or aluminium, on time and in budget, regardless of complexity? Developed by Research Engineers International in 1997, STAAD software is a well known digital platform for conducting structural analysis and design of projects for civil engineers. Moments’19 presents an exclusive workshop on STAAD software where Dr. Premalatha would be giving a detailed mentoring all the way through!
Perform comprehensive analysis and design for any size or type of structure faster than ever before using the new STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition. Simplify your BIM workflow by using a physical model in STAAD.Pro that is automatically converted into the analytical model for your structural analysis. Share synchronized models with confidence for multi-discipline team collaboration and, most importantly, deliver safe, cost-effective designs.